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Buildings and Seating Capacity in Burnley, 1930

We've been researching and archiving all things Burnley and Burnley Empire since October 2015, and still manage to turn up interesting articles that help us to answer your questions.

We often get asked what the capacity of the Burnley Empire was, and here's a great overview of the different venues in town from 1930. This said, don't forget that when the Empire first opened in 1894, the capacity was nearer to 2,000 and when Bertie Crewe redesigned the building it was lowered.

Bertie Crewe pretty much redesigned the building (1911), in its entirety which altered the capacity.

The Express and Advertiser, September 13th, 1930: 'The following is the official list of the seating capacity of the various theatres and cinema halls in Burnley....'

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