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Making it Wind and Water Tight

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Thanks to the weather (and the roofers) our first phase of roof repairs are now complete. The flat roof area is now weather tight and will stop any further water ingress into that particular part of the building which has been worked on.

We owe a BIG BIG thank you to Sovereign Masonry who also cleared the stairwell before travelling up and down the stairs many, many times whilst fixing the roof. The team

have been helping us for some time and we can't thank them enough.

Whilst Sovereign Masonry were on the roof they even spotted what looks like an old advertisement board for films which has been repeatedly painted and a popcorn box.

FACT: Burnley Empire Theatre was the very first venue in Burnley to screen moving pictures!

This work funded by Crowdfunder Supporters & The Architectural Heritage Fund has made a fantastic difference towards stabilising the historic building #THANKYOU

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