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129 Years Young

Today we are celebrating the 129th opening anniversary of the Burnley Empire Music Hall of Varieties

'For long, Burnley has been behind other towns in the matter of places of entertainment, and especially a music hall, but the reproach can no longer be hurled. Suggestions have been thrown out at various times, but it was not till the action of the local magistracy respecting music in public-houses drew particular attention to the need of a proper music hall that active steps were taken to supply the want, though Mr. Horner and his fellow directors of the Victoria Theatre had had the subject under consideration. When once the decision was taken to provide the long-felt want, the contracts were let and in the fulfilment of these, Newtown Mills, formerly Tunstill's Spinning mill, has been rapidly transformed. How successful the promoters have been the Burnley public will soon have an opportunity of judging, for the Empire Music Hall and Theatre of Varieties is to be opened....'

(Burnley Express October 1894.)

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