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Archive Flashback to July 1937

Dracula's Daughter screening at the Burnley Empire

Since 2015 we have been building a digital and physical archive of all things Burnley Empire including a record of the entertainment that was on offer at the Burnley Empire. Today we're looking at a local newspaper called The Leader from Friday, July 9th, 1937.

A review of next week's local amusements over 85 years ago included The Majestic, The De-Luxe and The Queens in Nelson as well as, The Grand, The Empire and the Victoria in Burnley, to name a few of the many different amusement venues.

Here's what was said about the Empire:

Transcript of newspaper article:

' "Dracula's Daughter," which will head the bill at the Burnley Empire next week, features Otto Kruger, Gloria Holden, and Marguerite Churchill in a stirring dramatic production.

Dracula is a dead, and Dr. Von Helsing, a famous scientist, is arrested on a charge of murdering him. Jeffrey Garth, a noted psychiatrist and a friend of the scientist, offers to help him and Dracula's daughter, the Countess Marya, on whom the curse of the vampire has now fallen, also enlists his aid in an effort to escape from her terrible heritage. This rouses the jealousy of Janet Blake, Garth's secretary, who is in love with him. Garth discovers the truth about Marya, and when he refuses to go with her to the Continent she kidnaps Janet and flies with her to Dracula's castle in Transylvania. From this point the drama works up to a thrilling finish, which must be seen to be fully appreciated.

"Nobody's Fool," which will also be shown, stars Edward Everett Horton, with Glenda Farrell and Caesar Romero in an attractive Universal picture dealing with machinations of a gang of real esteae racketeers in New York.'

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