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Fruity Baroque patterns....

'The fruity Baroque patterns give way to a stricter Neoclassicism at the later Golders Green and Redditch theatres and in his cinemas of the 1920s. The Burnley Empire is not only a rare survivor, but important since it shows Crewe on the cusp of this change in style.'

- Dr Elain Harwood

Last year Elain Harwood, an architectural historian arrived at the Burnley Empire with her bicycle after traveling all the way from London. She had specifically traveled to see the Burnley Empire and to examine the whole building inch by inch. Dr Elain Harwood had also carried out extensive research of the history of the Empire to help update the listing status of the building for Historic England. It was a fascinating day and we feel privileged to have met her and are grateful for the fantastic work she did to update the listing status of the Burnley Empire.

We are saddened to hear of her passing earlier this year and will always be grateful for the knowledge she shared.

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